On top of a cliff a man has second thoughts about jumping. While sipping alcohol and looking for the courage to do it, a strange woman appears next to him. She is having similar thoughts of jumping. But her presence will unveil the image of a much beloved one who has already committed the act.


Silent Fall’ is a well focused psychological thriller from director Jarno Lee Vinsencius, whom we know from the short sci-fi thriller ‘Darkness Falls’. This time, the director’s focus goes towards the inner feelings of his characters. His protagonist oscillates between the powerful depression from his suffering and his duty to carry on living.


Jarno Vinsencius makes a close biopsy of his main character’s psychology and reveals the mechanisms that used to motivate his existence: the experience of the moments shared with his partner and the powerful emotions he nurtured for her. While her suicidal is an act of renouncement, he receives it as his own failure of being her the reason of living the same way she has been his. It is this the moment when the heart broken man feels he is losing the will to carry on.


Silent Fall’ impresses by the well built atmosphere and the powerful cinematography. Actors play their parts well, proving a good understanding of their characters’ psychologies while the director feels confident in the backstage leading his team to an outcome that marks the viewer. The director’s powerful vision emerges especially from the dramatic manner in which he cinematically approached the script. A short and concise psychological thriller, yet powerful by leaving a strong impression!