A man’s car breaks down in the middle of a solitary and somewhat dodgy neighbourhood. While looking to call for car assistance he accidentally breaks his phone. His attention is therefore captured by a light turning on above an old door. Being the only possible life sign around, he decides to give it a go and see if he can find a phone. He doesn’t know yet but he enters a mysterious place ruled by mysterious rules and characters.


AJ Gordon’s ‘Shanghai Faders’ takes one on a frightening quest. Combining psychological-thriller elements with horror elements, this short film manages to deliver a high degree of entertainment.


AJ Gordon’s character struggles between belief and disbelief. Between his well known reality world and the unknown. He is not the kind of guy who easily gets frightened or falls for ghost stories. He also makes little concerns about a crisis situation. Slightly phlegmatic but having a dynamic personality, the director describes his main character perfectly.


The world behind ‘Shanghai Faders’ makes little sense to the rooted in reality. Its representatives obey to different rules and govern according to strange laws. Their meaning seems to be to keep everyone else out. Though they shanghai the unexpected visitor he gets away safely with only maybe a different view over disbelieving  and discrediting horror stories.  Well directed, well shot and nevertheless well acted, AJ Gordon’s short film is mysterious and enthralling. It captivates one and never lets them go!