There comes a time when life appears to us as it is blocking our way through. We feel disoriented and lonely and fear amplifies: fear we won’t be able to find our way, that we are going to get left behind and times are going to overrun us. 

This is what the ‘Safe in the Storm’ music video of Little Galaxies band explores. Directed by Sara Alessandrini the video shows a woman facing with an existential crisis.


Indicated mostly by the lyrics, the personage finds herself stuck in a moment of doubts and disappointment she cannot beat. The focus of the director goes on the sensation of loneliness and lack of direction. The young woman is ‘dancing’ in circles looking for a way out. A possible solution would be to connect with her inner child and travel back to her childhood.

This idea of travelling back to the childhood in order to escape the ‘block’ is particularly interesting. Childhood is an age of innocence and carefree moments and travelling back can therefore be looked at as a refuge from the multitude of negative thoughts. This realm of memories can also be psychologically comforting and regenerating. But childhood is also when most dreams arise; dreams that later become the career aims for the adult. Children always regard reality as an infinite array of possibilities. They are yet ‘untrained’ in the limits and obstacles adults eventually resign to. The main character of ‘Safe in the Storm’ calls on the child in her hoping she will receive guidance. One can only guess she is trying to expand her perception on life once again and regain the energy and possibly the childish enthusiasm to identify and pursue her forgotten dream. After all, any obstacle in life can be overreached with a little bit of enthusiasm and self-confidence.

The video is truly enjoyable visually. Camera promises to enchant the eye of the audience with beautifully framed shots and finely graded colours. There is a professional feel to Little Galaxies’ ‘Safe in the Storm’ and the video connects well with the lyrics. We reckon this is going to be a very enjoyable experience for quality music video lovers; it sure was for us!