Someone makes several calls to several phone booths around town. A man feeling sick is driving around drinking behind the wheel. A young woman is leaving for school. The stranger keeps making calls after calls. The stranger driving starts to feel sleepy. And then, just when the young woman is about to cross the street she hears a phone ringing in the booth nearby.


Daniel Purse’s short film ‘Recovery’ is a mind twister. Beautifully filmed and well acted, ‘Recovery’ patiently builds up tension. The music, brilliantly chosen and inserted contributes to the overall suspense enhancing the mood. All these while the mind is insistently trying to decipher what is going on. The film is just masterfully crafted.


Characters in ‘Recovery’ apparently live separate lives with no connection whatsoever. They look like random choices with no chance of intertwining their destinies while a premeditation of their junction is obviously going on behind the phone calls. Daniel Purse’s film is all the more mysterious as the director doesn’t unveil much about his characters and neither does he disclose anything about the triggering plot. 


The world in ‘Recovery’ is rich in mysticism. One has to dig deeper than just the surface mundane reality taking place in Daniel Purse’s film to be able to spot answers. The public’s skills to fantasise, anticipate and imagine are essential in deciphering the message.


We think that beyond the short film theme there are also a couple of powerful awareness messages hidden. But we’re going to let you guess them. We really enjoyed this suspenseful short mystery thriller and we are sure you will too.