Director Nick Zoulek brings to screen ‘Reconsolidate: In Memories’, a sad love story. 


Like no other love story before him, Nick Zoulek envisions it experimentally. Love is a dialogue of close-ups, of gestures on both sides. This time the viewer doesn’t empathise with the characters, but instead he is invited to experience their feelings. Details are in his vision those who tell the real story. Details are those who conceal the secrets, the intimacy of the couple, they are those who define their relationship and they are those who describe it as well.


Cinematography is wonderful. Built up out of beautifully framed close-ups, the visual story is accompanied by a very strange, half frantic, half delirant saxophone. Music is no doubt very original bringing an important contribution to the mood of the film and its experimental-like taste. Occasionally chaotic and increasing its tempo as the film gets closer to its ending, the ‘awry’ saxophone notes become suspenseful, creating tension and releasing emotion. The public is left to decode the message like a puzzle made out of tight shots of gestures, nature details and objects. With no dialogue and no sound mixing or design and accompanied by music all the way, Nick Zoulek’s experimental film looks very much alike a music clip. The only thing that differentiates it from a music clip is its story’s linear successive structure.


Very original in approach, even from the start, ‘Reconsolidate: In Memories’ catches one’s attention, throwing puzzle pieces at them and inviting them to decipher.