Sean Fletcher is overfocused on his work making him ignore his girlfriend who eventually leaves him. He therefore sets off on a journey to India to try and put himself together. He there finds a place named Vrindavan that will mesmerise him and open his eyes to the important things in life. Will he be able to get his girlfriend back or will he decide that work is more important?


Maksim Varfolomeev’s ‘Reconnection’ is a film teaching about the power to give correct priorities in life. For the first time in his life Sean will learn how to accept people around him as they are, he will learn to open his senses beyond his headphones and the screens of his laptop and smartphone and connect them to the exterior world.


But ‘Reconnection’ is more than just a story about Sean Fletcher, it is a way of passing to the viewer that feeling about the magnetism of a place that finds one instead of being found itself. It is an initiatory path in a strange space where value is differently quantified and assigned by people who know so little about the western commercial culture but so much about humanity. 


With his film, Maksim Varfolomeev managed to go beyond his story and offer a personal insight of a far away place, catching a good part of its local, social and spiritual particularities.


This is a captivating trip to an intangible place!