A young scriptwriter is struggling with both his family life and finding his story. When he eventually decides to write about Qissbah – a mythical place where only the initiated can enter – he feels he has to find out more about it and starts searching for it before he will write his story.


Dev Gupta’s short film ‘Qissbah’ will surprise the audience with its unpredictable ending and the original twist of the story.


The main character, Masoom, has reached a period of crisis in his life: his relationship with his pregnant wife has become conflictual while he himself has trouble finding his way professionally. Dev Gupta’s film is a careful analysis of the young couple’s psychology as well as a radiography of the fascination for the mystical dimensions of the world. Dev Gupta manages to point out not only to the social side of Masoom’s life, highlighting the common archetypal problems that couples of the same age confront with, but he also sketches the consuming preoccupation for the mythical layers of the universe indispensable for a writer or creator in search for their ‘story’.


Qissbah’ fascinates with its mythical feel and its ingenious twist in the plot. The lively acting and the director’s confidence as well as the natural dialogue make it flow incredibly easy for its length (27 min). The plot takes amplitude as reality starts to intertwine with the esoteric changing Masoom, little by little, and making him reflect on his own family, condition and deeds.


The ingeniously approached topic of ‘avatar’ will give the final blow ending to this mini-masterpiece of cinema!