Traveling alone into space, drifting with no destination, a man is searching for signs of life. A message is eventually intercepted by the spaceman. Is it a familiar figure? Is it coming from the past? Is it from the future? …Or from the present. Wherever and whoever it is coming from… it is a very strong call for joinder.

Pull Me In’ is the video for the song bearing the same name of Jameson Tabor and directed by Sara Alessandrini (Safe from the storm by Little Galaxies). The concept of a space story behind the idea of the clip, endows ‘Pull Me In’ with a narrative feature, which means the viewer gets 2 in 1 – both a music clip and a sci-fi short film. This confers Sara Alessandrini’s clip the ability to address to a wider public by ‘exporting’ it to the taste of short film fans, too.


By the use of very effective special effects (which by the way, they look outstanding), the choice for very fit locations and original costumes, the director achieves a futuristic look which she then harnesses through high standard camera work. This contributes consistently to the music video’s credibility and engages the viewer empathically – the audience literally find themselves living the story side by side with the characters. Such an effect reflects Sara Alessandrini’s capability to trigger emotion, which derives not only from the technical proficiency of the video production but also from the substance of the story: the ending (which we are going to avoid disclosing) making emerge both a nostalgic feeling and one of hope. Ultimately, the public is to collect their own conclusions in according to their own sensitivity: is it a story of getting together with the beloved one? Is it about returning home, to a place long forgotten? Is it about one’s acknowledging their origins and learning about themselves? Is it just about a quest in pursuit of love? ‘Pull Me In’ remains ambiguous up to a certain degree, allowing a vast array of interpretations and encouraging each and every one’s imagination to unleash freely.

This is one short music video that hooks you and takes you on an entertaining, enjoyable journey alongside its characters.