Being a superhero is so hard: all the responsibility, all the dedication, the long working hours (nonstop really – so vacations are not an option; or at least that’s what we imagine, crime doesn’t go on hold) that sometimes it can become quite hard to resist just the smallest of temptations – especially when you’re a human endowed with high end technology and hired as a superhero, and when temptation is… sex (I mean who can resist that, right?).


So when our hero makes it to the front page the company who hired him also fires him for having infringed the moral terms of the contract which pretty much permanently deprives him from his statute of a super-hero. Director David Sarrio makes a very comprehensive analysis of a super hero’s life in his short film ‘POWERLESS. Everything from cool marketing to bad publicity, to effects of temptations and eventually the repercussions of a superhero’s ‘mistakes’ over his human side, in a very human world are covered by David Sarrio’s film, making his main character a very socially included one. We witness a person with human feelings who was able to make a difference in the world and is now taken away those powers and punished for his human slips. 


But when crime starts happening again, before the film’s unexpected ending, our protagonist will have ‘one last word’ to say – actually half dozen of them – and it’ll be damn meaningful and damn funny too. Heck I even shed a tear. David Sarrio’s vision is simply outstanding; he knows how to make his film both funny and dramatic, how to both fantasise and trigger very deep humanly emotion in an otherwise very ‘superhero’ circumstance. The film is assisted by great cinematography, great acting and an epic music score and it looks nothing less than a scene from an A level blockbuster.


Fantasy and reality intertwine beautifully and sensitising in ‘POWERLESS’, delivering an entertaining story that grips you from the first second and never lets go again. For the outstanding vision behind it and its ability to deliver its message in a very accessible way to anyone really, and entertaining at the same time, ‘POWERLESS’ has been awarded the 1st Place for BEST FILM OF MARCH 2017 at The Monthly Film Festival. 


Another one worthy of our top collection of films which definitely comes forth! Well done David!