When a socially withdrawn young man, self-caged in his apartment, orders a new virtual technology he will meet a girl to fall in love with. But what will motivate him to eventually meet her in person?


Pipe Dream Reality’ is a student short film directed by William Inhyuk Hyoung. Despite being a little crude – technically speaking – the film is heavy with emotion. William Inhyuk Hyoung’s actors do a surprisingly good job playing their parts very convincingly and intense. The cinematography gives the student short a ‘live reality show’ appearance bringing the public even closer to the story. ‘Pipe Dream Reality’‘s characters own their personal drama that defines their nature and guides their actions. This helps the film much, contributing in outlining a clear environment and generating powerful psychological context and relevance.


William Inhyuk Hyoung’s film is a story about introversion, remorse, frustration and love that eventually defeats them all by materializing itself in motivation powerful enough to move the spirit and incite will.


Student short as it is, ‘Pipe Dream Reality’ catches one’s interest and keeps them on the edge with a story that qualifies as entertaining and suspenseful, and doesn’t bore. It’s an invitation to get under the characters’ skin, empathize and have a little simulated taste of live drama.