Good animations are always like a breath of fresh air. All the more so when they depict some small fragments of everyday kindness, as ‘Out with the Old‘ does. This short stop motion animation signed by George Summers starts from an incidental friendship, condensing in a few minutes an odyssey at the end of which there is not only that much-desired “home”, but also the opportunity to look at life from a much brighter perspective. Far from tackling a didactic tone that displays an obvious motivational interface, the director creates a project for any age group, a short adventure in the micro-universe of toys whose humanity reflects the need of people to discover their own harmony. The words are replaced by an emotional chemistry as mute as it is suggestive, while the whims and small inner and external conflicts of the characters emanate so much tenderness that it is difficult not to empathize with their attempts to overcome any obstacles.


Starting from the pretext of “losing” his own house, the director builds the adventure of a “man” looking for his new home. This unexpected challenge, however, brings a new partner who, even if apparently doesn’t meet the demands of the quite rigid protagonist, promises the birth of a long-term friendship.


Without choosing some elaborate narrative stakes, George Summers manages to translate using a touching cinematic language the universal theme of providential friendships, in a short parable about the little daily wonders that can change our lives. Basically, this short animation approaches some general typologies, manipulating elements already known to the public, but the professionalism with which the director orchestrates the narrative fluidity of this mini odyssey gives the project a special energy. Even if the (un)predictability of the story is not the most important element, viewers can enjoy a project built with care and emotion in which the naivety of the characters has the power to disconnect us for a few minutes from the noises of our own reality. ‘Out with the Old’ is an animation that impresses with its humanism, and with the “purity” of some characters having the power to overcome any age limits or tastes in cinema.