Out of the Box – Dialogues With Polish Migrants in Northern Ireland by Bernhard Wolf is rather a trailer rough cut of a project still in post-production. We felt a bit sorry as there is quite some more room for technical and artistic improvement both on sound and video, however once we started watching this documentary we found it hard to abandon it.


Beyond the simple idea of dialogues with Polish migrants in the Northern part of Ireland, this documentary hides a profound analysis of the Polish soul. Therefore it is not only the common things that define the Polish archetype that piques one’s interest, but also the different personalities and characters that are exhibited: personal dramas, occupations, aspirations that look like they have really found their place in the Irish society. They have the same expectations to find a better life, but each of them describe a different taste of Irish society and the way in which Ireland is putting its mark on them.


We found this project of high potential because of its layers of social importance and deep meanings. It has a huge opportunity to magnify human mechanisms, sensitize and surprise the viewer with the most unsuspected things about Eastern migrants forcing themselves to give up prejudices. There is nothing that sensitizes more than the human spirit, along with its behaviours and expectations.


What we’ve also found interesting in this documentary is that there is no narrator, so the characters are at the same time the storytellers, but watching the impersonal narrator is of the same feeling as whispering in each one’s own ear.