The nude image of a woman with long horns coming from darkness in search of light… sounds like an image from another world. A. J. Gomez’s short film ‘}Oo(‘ does come from another world. A joint of experimental and fantasy, ‘}Oo(‘ is something of both a philosophical and a religious conceptualised discourse. Though it is not clear – because of the horns – the talent in A. J. Gomez’s story sends one’s thought inexplicable to the memory of the first woman created; the biblical reference seems to be confirmed by the the director’s description of the theme. Behind the religious reference, there is a rivalry of light and darkness. The primordial woman hunts the only isle of light in the darkness wearing her incredible long horns – probably a proof of her mistakes, of her grave sins. This can be a symbol of yearning for forgiveness, of trying to reach for the original divine grace.


But the human nature is contradictory so whenever the moon will reflect light from the sun, it will look beautiful as well and the human side reaching for light will find itself annihilated by the darkness tempted side.


There are many ways in which A.J. Gomez’s film can be understood – even the title that looks like a strange emoticon for long forgotten, and seems to reproduce the diagram that serves as a title for the film, sends to symbolic esoteric meanings.


With astounding cinematography that draws a clear border between darkness and light ‘}Oo(‘ is both a film that will enchant your eyes and one that will highly intrigue you.