How would you feel about online dating? Is it ok? Is it healthy? Is it fake? Would you try it? What is online dating after all? Well… online dating is a wonderful short documentary by Oscar Nilsson. As the title says it brings forward the aspects of online dating.


The film explores the various sides and perspectives on finding a match through the internet. Some people regard this with reserve considering it fake or superficial. Others find it fun and others find it the most comfortable way to meet new people.


The documentary is beautifully shot, natural and powerful. A well chosen main ‘character’ that first of all speaks through her way of being, well edited and very fair-minded. Oscar Nilsson did a great job by making a step aside and leaving the theme speak on its own. He is objectively looking through the lens while everyone else speak their own mind. 


We very much enjoyed ‘Online dating is…’. The way it invites you to define the phenomenon, the way it makes you curious, the way it makes you wonder about the truth about online dating… what is the truth? Everyone has their own truth regarding this theme. And finally we want to say that an apparently cheap theme – maybe even trivial for some – was so beautifully metamorphosed by Oscar Nilsson in such an agreeable and scientifically backed-up on-camera case of study.


Our world is changing and even some new things are hard to accept and old generations will always reach a point where they won’t be able to keep up with changes, the changes will find their place into the future giving new meanings and dimensions to things as we used to know them.


What do you think about online dating? Wait!! Watch first and then tell us!