Node‘ is a short film about the simple life of the inhabitants of a fishermen village in the middle of a lake. Don’t get fooled though, director Engin Poyraz made out of ‘Node’ one of the most poetic films in our festival so far. With a breathtaking cinematography and on a slow paced but beautiful storytelling, ‘Node’ speaks about a closed environment to which people have learned to adapt and relate as to their home.


However, this comes with a ‘price’ of perceiving the island in the middle of the lake as a delimited world that defines their condition. A condition they cannot overcome. Three different generations (childhood, adulthood and old age) are presented with their own particularities: pranks, dreams and  resignation. The outside world is intangible, this is a locked universe. The three generations meet, gaze at each other and somehow become one – time looses its ability of flowing. It stops and becomes inexhaustible. There is a weird sense of immortality that floats above this little universe as a whole. At an individual level this sense of immortality resides in the following generations which will mostly be trapped in the same universe and will take the occupations, traditions and habits from their predecessors.


Engin Poyraz speaks to us about the condition of simple souls in closed worlds. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ (because we could identify no evil) look like they are losing their meanings. There is only a self assumed condition that meets very little overtaking instinct. The lyrical world in ‘Node’ is self-conserving, like an engine that ensures existence.


A highly poetic film that expresses a lot. Cinema lovers will adore it!