While an entire team of trained professionals gets killed while trying to stop a dealer to sell a briefcase with unknown content on the black market, the police decides to send in a team of two hot-shot cops to catch the villain; ‘No Peace For The Wicked’… this is an action film made by a junior high school director. We’ve spotted several issues and there are many abilities that this young director has to develop and improve. The film certainly isn’t Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ but you know what? We liked Ronnie Baker’s courage to go into action film making so early.


His story focuses on the shortcomings of the human nature and the weaknesses of the spirit. It’s not necessarily that good people get bad but that some of the people with power to change something or make a difference oftenly don’t choose a side – good or bad – and when put at test it will be so easy to fall for the ‘staircase leading down’.


In a way this equivocates with ‘bad people don’t choose a side, they already belong to the one serving themselves’. It’s the same with Ronnie Baker’s characters: you’d expect to see a clear difference between good and bad, but in the end, those you’ve ‘put your expectations into’ only seem to have served you an on the surface presentation of themselves. Under the thin layer of morality and virtuous canvas there lies a rotten soul with hidden intentions.


The world in ‘No Peace For The Wicked’ is one of deception, intrigues, betrayal and greed. There are no positive sides, no good people. Everyone is for themselves only. Who will succeed and get away with the briefcase?