Many worlds collide in Shekhar Bassi’s ‘No Love Lost’. You won’t know what to think at first but many questions will arise by the end of the film. Personal identity in context with religion, personal beliefs and open borders will be pushed to the edge of tolerance showing the very thin line between love and hate and the small step that it takes to discriminate someone.


Modern society bans discrimination and encourages free will and liberty of expression but every so often fails to provide exact guidelines about what can be considered good and what can be considered bad.


Under the pressure of the conflict created by the facts above underneath love there is a thick layer of hate and misconceptions, of pride and tempers ready to explode at the slightest misinterpreted gesture. Intolerance smoulders beneath restrained and unexpressed. Until when and what will happen when it comes to front?


Director Shekhar Bassi does a wonderful job suggesting all these and leaves you with a little of a bitter taste about the illusion of wealth and freedom served by modern society. Someone will always get hurt because of the freedom of expression of others, and their freedom of expression will at the same time be always questioned by traditional values.


The faces are well chosen, their acts well weighed by the talented director and the actors do well. Cinematography is very nice and music fits well.


This is a powerful film with many meanings and it has won our recommendations.