Between an absolute love and an obsession is a very fragile line. But how blind do you have to be to fall into the trap of your own illusions? This seems to be the central question around which Micha Andrea Meyer builds his short film. But despite its affinities with a feature like “Fatal Attraction”, ‘Nightwish‘ isn’t a conformist psychopathological romance-thriller. More precisely, the director rejects the realistic convention, embracing the supernatural element while providing a contemporary version of the pact with the devil. Such an option implicitly diversifies the themes addressed, culminating in a metaphor about human nature tainted by deceptive aspirations. The basic formula is relatively simple: he leaves her, but her love is so great that she is willing to accept the nocturnal help of a demonic “benefactor”.


The inherent magnetism of the devilish offer is only the beginning. In fact, what really appeals to this project is its cinematic concreteness and its extremely well-driven tension towards paroxysm in a whirlwind of emotions haunted by the insidious thrill of impending tragedy. This effect is due to the talent with which Micha Andrea Meyer manages to condense with impressive accuracy two days in the lives of the protagonists in an against time degringolade. Everything has the appearance of a conscious dream that gradually and irrevocably turns into a nightmare at the end of which someone must die. The almost material density of this anticipation of final catastrophe is orchestrated with the precision of a mature creator and the sharp, sometimes cynical wit of a gifted storyteller. A significant role in the internal coherence of this twilight cinematic narrative goes to the music, which often functions as a subtle commentary through which the director gives us access to the hidden intentions of the characters. Also, the quick transitions and the “dysfunctional” chemistry between the actors make ‘Nightwish’ maybe not a story that surprises with its ending, but certainly, an exciting cinematic experience that will send a few shivers down everyone’s spine.


For the suggestive force and coherence with which it depicts the side effects of human desires and for the alertness and constant tension of this illusory run on the border between love and obsession, ‘Nightwish’ was awarded the Film of the Month distinction in the July 2022 edition of TMFF.