Directed by David Woods, ‘Nightlens‘ is a 2021 science fiction mystery that chronicles the story of former lovers Kate and Blake who attempt to rekindle their relationship through a groundbreaking technology that reconstructs the moment of their breakup. Even though the premise above is absolutely bonkers, the film handles the subject matter with poise, drawing the audience in with its authentic approach. A slew of colorful characters populate the narrative, signalling the wild ride that our protagonists are sure to take as the film progresses further.


The script, also by David Woods, is nuanced and thought provoking in equal measure. Woods understands the complicated subject matter of the mechanics behind the science fiction and ensures to add a layer of levity to the narrative as well. The acting by both the leads, Kim Hardy and Zoe Cunningham, is great as they really dive into their characters well, portraying the complicated back story of their relationship with ease.


A particular point to note about the film is its absolutely mesmerizing sound design that teleports the viewer right into the middle of whatever the characters are experiencing in the murky world of mind and magic. This exquisite sound design is not only a testament to the sound engineers that made it possible but also adds a layer of novelty to the narrative and improves the authenticity of the film. The pacing is slow at times which is deliberate considering the film deals with such a heavy subject matter. The dim lighting throughout the film also attests to the unfamiliar place that our protagonist finds himself in. While some viewers may consider the smoky cinematography to be a distraction, it actually adds to the story. Our main protagonist is confused as he stumbles to find his footing in the fantastical world that seemingly bends reality. In order to apprise the viewer of this realm, this cinematography gimmick is not only necessary but also a welcome addition to the visual palette.


Cerebral and thought provoking in equal measure, ‘Nightlens’ takes inspiration from some of the best mind bending trips such as ‘Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind’ to deliver an adventure that is not only cathartic but also ultimately rewarding for both the protagonists and the audience. With flashy and commercial aspects sorely lacking, the film is (in essence) a chronicle of one man’s journey of trying to fill the massive hole in his heart. While the film may not leave modern audiences thoroughly entertained, it does leave the viewer with loads to think about. Deep and rewarding, ‘Nightlens’ is a potent piece of cinema that mostly succeeds in what it sets out to do.