Never Stop’ is the music video directed and shot by Josephine Halbert as a soundtrack promotional film for her radio play ‘Jim’ with music by Desert Mountain Tribe.


A young woman is listening to a vinyl of Desert Mountain Tribe while the song Never Stop is playing on the apparently repeat mode of the player. To build the love story the directress intertwines several temporal threads: the present time is defined by the young woman watching her lover slowly fading away down the stairs of her block of flats; as he disappears she tries to follow him with her sight as if she would see him off in the horizon; the past is sketched by the memories she has together with him – it is interesting though that these memories are seen through his eyes and not hers though she is shown herself dreaming about those happy moments too; the future is initially undefined and it is closely related to the dedicated playing song: ‘I love you and it’s why I’ll never stop…’ – the word never is of course indicating the dimension of the feelings cherished on a long term by the young man for the young woman. Eventually the future becomes the present: the girl calls her lover after listening the vinyl and she waits for him in front of her door at the top of the stairs.


Josephine Halbert’s video perfectly describes the ardor, the intense flame of the young eros that has the power to idealise reality. The feeling of addiction on each other and the obsessiveness about the next meeting as well as the nostalgia of the past memories of the young lovers are perfectly described in ‘Never Stop’. This is a video to be tasted by the most romantic out there. We must say that those living the young love are going to be the ones to understand it the best.

Us personally, we liked the ‘game of chimera’ between the two lovers: she is often seen through his eyes and most of the ‘accents’ fall on her as an ideal chimera for him, but the dedicated disc and the final phone call she makes (calling him) put him in the posture of an idealised chimera for her as well. So who is the true ‘chased-after-chimera’ in ‘Never Stop’? We think this is exactly what the director and the writer tried to point out together: the perfect reciprocity of the idealised young love which makes its subjects an almost intangible dream one for another.