My Saviour’ is a movie about love, trust, and faith; a story of a woman, troubled by the people around her, who finds comfort in the hands of a total stranger who seems to be the answer to all of her questions… or so it looks like.

We enjoyed watching ‘My Saviour’, and whilst doing it, we tried to point out some of the things that stood out in it. First of all, the soundtrack was amazing – where nature called, some music pieces that really gave this feature a new perspective and an uplifting atmosphere were introduced. Having fight scenes, we expected a score that should have gone on the path of ‘The Eye of the Tiger’, a well-known song suitable for this kind of scenes. Well, it wasn’t the ‘Eye of the Tiger’, but there were other songs as cool as that one that really brought the whole movie experience to a whole new level, and found us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next fist to fly. And sure enough, we found ourselves cheering ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’, because, well, nature called!


We also really appreciated the performance of Bayley Freer, who played Monica, for reviving a typo we thought it was lost – the Skyler White one. In the hit series ‘Breaking Bad’, Skyler White was the troubled mother that had to live with a cancer diagnosed husband, a kid with cerebral palsy, and also with a drug lord while at the same time she had to be strong enough to carry on with the family, and not to spill the beans on her husband, or the meth empire he was dealing with. Monica, in ‘My Saviour’, comes from a troubled environment, where she feels weak and tries to find her way. She meets Michael (played by Steven Murphy who is also the director), a man that seems to be the answer to all of her problems. For some time she feels empowered again, she has the courage to deal with her past and with her problems, and she is aware of how her life is at that moment. When Michael goes crazy, she knows (more or less) how to deal with the situation, and manages to find an escape from this whole crazy situation. It isn’t the best, but she finds her way out. As it was with Skyler White, she was in the middle of a delicate situation, and with the ball on her court, the only thing she had to do was to juggle it accordingly. For both of the women we’ve mentioned here, the ending result wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst either. They found themselves alive and safe in a place where there was a possible new beginning. We don’t know if Murphy had Skyler White in his mind whilst creating this character, but he did a great job reviving a kind of woman warrior we always love to see on the screen.


All in all, ‘My Saviour’ was a pleasant surprise for us. We didn’t expect it to be so subtle and the characters so well documented beforehand. It’s an engaging drama we deeply recommend!