My Life on the Tracks’ is a documentary from South Africa. Produced and directed by Deon van Zyl the short documentary focuses on the story of Rohan Vos, an independent business man that started a train travel business more than 20 years ago and by 2000 it became to be acknowledged as the most luxurious train journey in the world.


Details regarding the challenges met by the entrepreneur along the way and some intimate details he shares about his business and his life make a debate about success out of ‘My Life on the Tracks’. It is though, not the success that is fascinating in Deon van Zyl’s story but the emerging road to it sprinkled with obstacles and hardships, along with on-the-edge situations.


Deon van Zyl’s short documentary film makes one reflect over the tenacity required to found and run a business, about the will to remain loyal to it and overcome any obstacles lying ahead, about the psychical strength one has to evince in order to resist the pressure and drive things forward.


‘My Life on the Tracks’ is not only the story of a successful business but also the story of a successful life – not through its material and financial abundance but through the priceless life experience and values that lie at its foundation. By taking a look at Rohan Vos, the entrepreneur of Rovos Railways, one can easily learn about his modest spirit, his calm and purposefulness, his power to focus on what he started and give it a finality.


Director Deon van Zyl enchants us with a wonderful documentary about the man and the business that have become one, giving not only a lesson about perseverance and discernment in business but also one about what means to be making a purpose out of one’s life.