Ronald is suffering of Down syndrome. And as he is wandering around the town he accidentally meets a woman having her coffee. The cup of coffee is what will remind him of his origins, his parents and their failed relationship. He will take a wild trip through his own memories.


Director Marc Eikelenboom will take us on a ride through Roland’s mind – a world of Down syndrome. Despite his condition of a ‘very slow learner’ Roland is however a normal human being with normal emotions and very affected of his parents’ failure to stay together. His world and memories is full of people suffering of the same syndrome, though some of them seem almost normal. In Roland’s memories we discover a very similar world to the one we know – one of intrigues and betrayal. However it seems like his mind is the one that is altering characters making them all Down-syndrome characters. Some of them are fictive – like the directness of his mind and memories who is permitting his visits to some well guarded corners of his mind where dangerous recollections are hidden – others seem very real – like the mistress of his father, but in the end they are all Down-people.


We think this could be a very interesting way of saying that not Ronald is the one having a condition but everyone around him, because they seem to encounter the greatest difficulty in discerning between good and bad, what loyalty means and how you apply it. The lost Ronald in town is actually the lost Ronald in search of the truth which memories regarding the truth might have been triggered by the very cup of coffee in the beginning.


We liked Marc Eikelenboom’s ‘Memories‘ and his way of taking Ronald on a walk in a world where memories of nice things like the sea mix with the memories of the parents’ failed relationship, pushing the young man in an almost surreal reality of his own.