Vigil is a young writer who is living in his shop haunted by his alter-egos. In order to get liberated from his alter-egos and write his memoirs on his own, he is faking his death. But will he be able to live without them?


Ricardo Guerreiro’s film urges on reflections upon the different selves that live in each of us and whom we have to accept. The different sides of our personalities give birth to different selves with which we cohabit more or less enjoyable. It’s up to us to make peace with them, to control them, to know when it is appropriate to let them manifest freely. Inhibiting them would only mean denying ourselves.


Memoirs’ is an extremely intelligent film. Built on a psychological foundation it emerges as an ars poetica of artistic creation. Raising the question of whether it is possible to write your ‘memoires’ by running away from yourself Ricardo Guerreiro’s theme gains a psycho-philosophical nature.


But apart from its vast array of meanings and complex character – by the way, the main actor acts impressive impersonating multiple personalities and does it flawlessly – ‘Memoirs’ is an intense cinematographic experience; with very good framing and cinematography, with very fit sets and a good film rhythm, Ricardo Guerreiro’s film is a true piece of art that enchants the spirit.


This short is one of the few top films that have honoured our festival so far. Genuinely artistic, bohemian and nostalgic, ‘Memoirs’ has a true propensity to conquer the hearts and fascination of cinema fans.