Sharing house is never easy, not even when you’re a student. Two student girls living together are trying to tolerate each other. Particularly one of them that becomes a little paranoid when she starts hearing strange noises in the house starts to suspect her house mate of intentionally annoying her. When their anger escalate they will find out what the noise is. Or will they?


Oxana Yatsenko‘s film is about the incapacity of opposite personalities to establish a direct communication on a long term cohabitation relationship. Not respecting each other’s personal space and comfort zone oftenly leads to communication breakdown and introversion. When not treated these two can lead to suspicion and paranoia.


The director uses these feelings to make a combination between a thriller with almost horror hues and a comedy through its ending. This might also be a way of Oxana Yatsenko to diminish and minimise the conflict as being overestimated. Maybe young people who cohabitate give too much importance to the relation itself, making too much of a deal out of it which really leads to paranoia, or maybe they don’t give it enough importance and they don’t empathize enough with their house mates which leads to frustration and stress…. or maybe both.  We’d go for the second version which however doesn’t exclude the fact that – when needed – all boundaries can fall and foes become friends.


This is actually what Oxana Yatsenko does in ‘Me.You.Them.’ to somehow ridicule the amplitude of such a relationship: use ‘danger’ to make foes friends.