A homeless woman, a prostitute, a roses seller, and an unemployed man meet their destinies in Michele Tataranni’s short film ‘Margins’. Their separate destinies meet when they all receive a strange envelope containing the same thing: an invitation.


The invitation in ‘Margins’ launches high expectations for the film’s characters. The promise of a life changing demarche for the invites shapes up. But in the end everything turns out to be just another selfish money making initiative.


Michele Tataranni’s characters are caught in between their own problems to which they have resigned, holding back their hopes, and the interests of others who see an opportunity in their disadvantaged status and decide to take it. The outcome of the selfish initiative should generate awareness though, and people should learn something out of it, but in the end the small ‘team’ of modest destinies will remain just as ignored and unappreciated as they were before receiving the envelope, while other people will continue to lack the power to collect the awareness message and remain just as ignorant and insensitive as they originally were. The four personages will have generated value for those who saw the chance to collect value from them, but the nothing else will have changed for them and in the end they will have served as an ephemeral value for a selfish cause; a wasted potential.


Michele Tataranni’s short film urges to reflection. It is a story about the deep tolerance hidden behind modest, yet simple souls who end up assuring the wealth of the favoured by faith.