Made of Stone‘ is a student-like film, unpretentious but beautiful. There are films that impress through their technical achievement and there are films that impress through the idea and the emotion they transmit to the public. ‘Made of Stone’ is one of the latter.


The film is short and one can find pure logic of the connection between the two main characters despite the apparently big gap between them, which reveals certain knowledge on behalf of director Sebastian Olivari about the human nature and psychology. Shyness is what the characters have in common and still is what ennoble them and powerful connects them. Like each of the two has a modesty that will make them feel happy with the very little that belongs to the other.


Though, in fact, the very little each one has in their life, is rather very big (we are talking about authenticity and sincerity). Sounds too romantic? Well, the way director Sebastian Olivari puts it, it is rather philosophical and contemplative…


We are trying not to spoil too much as often as we can so we will only say that the director explores the ground between deceitful appearances and the true essence beyond them in a very beautiful manner. You will be surprised and challenged by the fine hues that will seem illogical at first but then for the most versed of the public, things will gain sense – we won’t reveal more; we encourage watching the film for the idea and encourage the public to explore its reasons on their own.


‘Made of Stone’ again has a very symbolic title which aims rather for the inability to express and confess own feelings than for indicating an emotional inability. We liked this simple film because of the good and positive feeling / the feeling of reconciliation that it delivers. Nicely done job!