Meet Alex Clough, a single man desperately seeking love. He is a normal guy with tons of bad luck in life, struggling to get a woman to live with. Desperate times ask for desperate measures, reason why Alex has to find a way to make his life worth living, and so he starts using a Russian bride website in the search for the perfect wife.


Love Possibly‘ is hilarious! It is by far the funniest feature film we’ve had in this competition in the past few years. The script has that eastern European vibe one could easily spot after reading the literature of the past decades from countries like Romania, Moldova, Serbia or Ukraine. The guy with no luck is a major figure in the Balkans, with tens of stories that are based on at least one character with such a particularity. In ‘Love Possibly’, Alex (flawlessly played by Steve Hodgetts) is the always unlucky, yet the always happy man who understands how harsh life can be, managing to still find the power to smile when rejected by faith. The filming technique reminded us of those old-school reality shows that were so bad they became brilliant. This feature mocks such stereotypes with grace and is one of our favourite characteristics in ‘Love Possibly’. We found it hilarious to see that Romania was picked up to be the main country of filming, especially after the whole Borat incident. For whoever doesn’t remember, when Borat was filmed in Romania it triggered some quite touchy voices, and people got angry and made it look like a ‘huge crime’ in Borat words. Well, in this case, the stereotypical Eastern-European woman who will do anything just to escape poverty and find a future somewhere else with a rich, yet dull man may trigger some activists in today’s world.


One of our favorite scenes in Michael Boccalini and Che Grant’s film is when Alex arrives at Lana’s house, Lana being the supposedly loved one. In their first visual interraction, there are two seconds of surprise, followed by one split second of remorse, followed by the shutting door. The comedic effect of this scene is amplified when the kid comes and Lana opens the door for him, leaving Alex on the hallway, waiting. Its charm will not only make you love it from the very first scene, but it will also keep your eyes glued to the screen until the last second. It is like a great book that you cannot leave on the shelf before finding out whether the hero makes it or not. ‘Love Possibly’ is the 21st century Romeo and Juliet made specifically for the millennials. Breathtakingly funny and nicely put together!