Director Jessy Langlois follows the story of several couples in 7 cities of the world. In Jessy Langlois’ vision the stages of love are Meeting, Beginning, Loving, Boring, Breakup, Forgetting and New Beginning. Each couple is carefully observed as it goes through each stage. ‘Love is Everywhere’  perfectly portrays the feelings and attitudes of lovers along their relationship.


The budget for the film must have been considerable as the director has not only casted a big number of actors but he also chose to film in some of the most visually beautiful places in each city. Jessy Langlois’ short looks like it needed a very clear mind and important managerial skills to have been produced and edited together so well: many locations, many actors, many parallel events. The final result is outstandingly impressive.


With no dialogue – just as love can hardly be described by words – and shot very brightly and glamorously, convincingly acted and confidently directed, ‘Love is Everywhere’ is like a short journey around the world. The viewer travels along with the characters witnessing their feelings and empathising with them.


The short film is as bright and alluring in its first half part, opening the public’s hearts as it is bitter in its second half part, describing the breakup and the forgetting. As a new hope appears with a ‘new beginning’ (a new relationship), one cannot ask oneself why do lovers act so cruel with each other?


Wonderfully framed and graded and well interpreted, ‘Love is Everywhere’ highly entertains  the viewer, charming them at the same time with its hypnotising locations and its fascinating love flavour.