One of the most common themes in horror movies in the past years is without any doubt the zombie apocalypse one. Even in literature, this subject went viral and each year one can easily fill tens of shelves with books on this subject. In filmmaking it is almost the same: during the past few years we’ve seen different kind of zombie apocalypses, imagined in many ways, always with the same vague ending. As sci-fi goes, zombies and zombie apocalypses are now perceived in the same way interplanetary endeavors were towards the end of the twentieth century. ‘Lost in Apocalypse’ is one of those movies where reality prevails.


As you’ve probably guessed, this movie is based on a zombie apocalypse, however the part about the actual zombies is about five to ten percent of the film. The movie is based on creating the right atmosphere, and only after that it introduces the ‘horror’ effect. Truth be told, ‘Lost in Apocalypse’ is more action-drama than horror, but for the sake of it, we will round it up to be a complex mix of these three genres.


The word “reality” was used a few lines back and now we care to explain why we did that and why reality is important in movies like this one. As we’ve stated before, almost all the movies dealing with zombie apocalypses that we’ve watched had heroes/zombie fighters with some kind of superpowers, guns, or some vehicles with flamethrowers and grenade launchers. Here, on the other hand, the focus is on the story. Fortunately, the screenplay is rock solid, with intense dialogue, some small back-stories, an adequate level of ‘bad-ass’, and altogether a perfectly wrapped story with an open ending.


Another thing that caught our attention was the perfectly drawn ending. The two girls are seen driving away in the car when the unexpected happens, but right at that moment the movie ends, leaving the viewers crave for part two and with the emotions turned up to the maximum level.


Sky Wang’s project is a great feature film to watch, combining all the edgy situations, violence, drama, love…and of course zombies. ‘Lost In Apocalypse’ is a movie that could easily fit in the top shelf of the ‘zombie apocalypse movies’ of this year.