Linda’ is a love music video directed by Leandro Corinto for the Brazilian band Insanos. While there is no actual story behind the video, the shots, the bits and pieces put together to build up the clip are of exquisite photographic beauty.


Leandro Corinto opted for black and white cinematography for this one, painting sensations and drawing characters with light and shadows. In fact cinematography is so poetic that one might not remember it was black and white. The shots are so well taken that watching the amount and variations of highlight and shadows one would feel like watching colours.


The director plays with the clear-obscures of his cinematographer to sketch an idealised mood and an ethereal portrait of his female character. In absence of a good story, the outstanding cinematography potentiates the music video bringing up its commercial value and leaving the viewer under a powerful impression of obsession over beauty.


Insanos may not have the ‘wealthiest’, most original lyrics but their video is of outstanding aesthetics. The game of light and shadow is taken to extreme and is being used to create semi-abstract pictorial inserts throughout the video that resemble thoughts and visually resonate like emotions.


Leandro Corinto’s ‘Linda’ is a visual enchantment.