Light Stand-In (Doublure Lumière)‘, a short by director Alexandre Triaca is kind of a strange film but not in a bad way and neither is it in an experimental way.


It delivers quite well the sentiment of uneasiness in love. And it has a rhythm a bit similar to an Antonioni film. Not only the main character but the entire world around her sink in her emotional state. This is a powerful impression ‘Light Stand-In’ makes on the public because the story happens at an emotional level, keeping questions awake in the public’s mind. There is not much action to follow in the story but it keeps your eyes glued to the screen and puts your mind to different scenarios which makes it a very untypical film – nevertheless, a good one we think.


The ending is really twisted and curious but only confirms the character’s emotion that melts everything around in it. Actually, the ending has a very innovative way of suggesting the thin border between reality and fiction and at the same time the genuineness of the first in comparison with the second. Reality cannot be faked but sometimes we recognise it only after dealing with fiction.


There could be a lot more to speak about this film but we tried so much not to spoil it and we’d really recommend you to watch it and comment with your own ideas.