Rarely do best quality acting, sensational directing, outstanding cinematography and a good story mix together to help meet exceptional moving pictures. Karim Ouaret’s ‘Lapsus’ is one of the very few occasions when you are served a delightful, unmissable piece of cinematography.


The original story explores the dark corners of the mind and the most hidden desires from the very different, genuine point of view of a man who allows his imagination to wonder intensively free in the real world.


The characters from ‘Lapsus’ come from very different environments, making their worlds irretrievably collide. The actors are exceptional, standing up to the need of impersonating two characters on opposite sides each. Director Karim Ouaret confidently conducts them towards very well defined personalities, teaching them at the same time how to lead the story in front of his talented DOP teammate, drawing on film obsessively, almost graphically.


Original and well framed shots of the finest grading enchant the viewers’ eyes, making them become highly tensed and impatient about the outcome. The masterful editing cuts the public’s clear mind with surgical precision by serving confusion and inquisitiveness instead only to eventually deliver an unpredictable twist of the story to the film fans’ feast.


‘Lapsus’ is a truly magnificent and superlative piece of film, an experience impossible to ignore and extremely hard to forget. It is another one of the top very few 5 star masterpieces TMFF has been honoured to officially select. This one is not to be missed. Bravo!