Ofu Obekpa’s ‘Klippers’ can be seen as a 2017 representation of ‘Die Hard’, where the anti-hero that became the hero has to come up with a plan to get out of a difficult situation that might cost him and the people around him their lives. Steven is a paid assassin that gets a mission to kill the ex-wife of a man who is still obsessed with her. Little did he know that the woman was a beautiful ex-marine. His mission fails to be accomplished from the beginning, turning every opportunity he had to assassinate the woman into a failed attempt. At first, it didn’t look like this, but as the story goes deeper, we can clearly see that it was faith there that intervened in this process. The story gets a new turn when the second assassin appears, and this is where the action starts. The whole feature is a roller-coaster of dangerous situations, paid assassins, collateral victims, and of course, a happy ending.

We aren’t always thrilled about happy endings, but here it was necessary as the narrative was building up so nice, it couldn’t end on the same path as it was the whole movie. The score was perfectly made to build up the suspense and to keep us entertained the whole movie. Our standing ovation goes to the main actor, Ofu Obekpa, for a really cool and bad-ass role; even though he was out of the assassin life, he still managed to do it perfectly. Also, the whole dialogue and passive conflict with the other assassin whilst in the house proved that Obekpa is one actor we should keep our eyes on in the future.


We’ve seen this story many times in the past years, and each and every time we try to perceive it as something new. In ‘Klippers’, the approach is more theatrical than in many other movies that go on the same path. The dialogue bits are sometimes inspired from a Shakespearian play, promoting more a passive-aggressive dialogue, rather than an actual confrontation. The most important part for us was the whole house conflict, where the two sides used words more than bullets to intimidate and put down their opponent. The ending was a relief – the good guys took the bad guys one by one, giving the viewer an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Ofu Obekpa is the director, main actor, writer and producer of this movie…rarely do we get the chance to see one man do the whole show, making it shine just as the director does with ‘Klippers’. A cool movie to get you through the night!