Our September’s 1st Place winner is the waggish short of Marc-Henri Boulier, ‘Juliet’. In a very near future SEED company invents a woman android for the men’s pleasures – JULIET1. But as time goes by … people find it hard to find a place of their own.


Tricky, intriguing, amusing and nevertheless charming, Marc Boulier’s film is simple yet special. It’s ironic and critical. ‘Juliet’ is a well made film with very rhythmic editing and solid directorial vision.


We liked it especially because of its well balanced timing and its talent of sticking to the point without becoming boring or using too many clichés to stretch its content with useless story fragments.


Juliet has a very ‘androitic’ smile and you won’t even feel she’s alive. Other actors manage their roles as well and cinematography is good.


Marc Boulier’s world is at the border of real and artificial. You get caught between the ‘capitalist’ pursuits of SEED and the social and moral concerns of the people. This seems hilarious at first and even a little exaggerated, a little absurd. Like any resistance to change is perceived initially. However the absurd happens eventually and we felt left hanging between a sober feeling of awareness and a burst into laughter… between which we were unable to choose – with smile on our lips still. ‘Juliet’ reaches its target, leaving you undecided and contemplative to your own skepticism regarding the paranoia of others.