In a maybe not so distant future, waking up in a world full of pollution, where the sun burns hot and the only source of food – rats – has become scarce, Oogle is waking up full of optimism and is trying to inspire some positivism to his partner Joy, too. But when Joy gets mad on God, blaming him for the situation on Earth and accusing him of selfishness, Oogle suggests that maybe He only needs some help and offers himself, half-joking, for a job interview. What happens next is going to be a real surprise.

Juha Fiilin’s animation, ‘Job Interview approaches the very interesting and complicated theme of ‘faith’ and it does so in a very original way. The interview with God feels like it is being offered to Oogle as the last person on Earth that hasn’t lost his faith yet (yes! Oogle gets his job interview!). The question is whether he will prove worthy and stand up to God’s expectations. 


Job Interview’ has great power to trigger reflection. Is God to be blamed for all the bad things in the world? The character impersonating Him says a very interesting thing at a certain point in the film: ‘and then I separated the money from the penniless’. This can signify a lot of things: that money has been given to people in exchange for their ‘profane’ nature with great awareness that this is going to make them self-destruct; that money has been given to people to test them and see if the rich will make use of it in order to help the poor and therefore utilise it for the greater good and re-establish their statute in God’s eye; or that money has been given to the man in order to replace God Who had become undesired and insulted by His creation, in which case wealth is in fact God’s punishment on those who have forsaken His memory.

Whatever the case, the moral behind Juha Fiilin’s animation is clear: man has not been abandoned by the Creator but only left to take their destiny in their own hands.