An ill man in the terminal phase spends his last night in a row of delirious and contradictory feelings, imagining himself next to his sleeping wife to whom he hasn’t told about his condition.


Insomnio‘ is a powerful psychological short film about how the proximity of death can affect and ‘alter’ the human mind. Director Kenneth Sanabria Jiménez will plunge his public into the raving world of his moribund character. Keeping his condition secret from his wife will make the dying man aware of his love, intensifying his feelings and then fill his soul with anger that this is something he will need to leave behind; as if he had shared his condition with his wife he would have exorcised the heavy weight of this burden making it easier to resign to it.


Deciding though to keep it all to himself plunges him into a surreal last night when out of his regrets of leaving the living he will nurture an intense wish that he can take everything with himself; or is it envy? Maybe a little bit of envy too.


Director Kenneth Sanabria Jiménez succeeds in tearing apart the delirious feeling of the dying man and surrealistically mixes them together in a contradictory row of emotions: desperation, love, regret, fear, rage, pain. Though it might be a little confusing at a rational level the public will experience them all while watching ‘Insomnio’.


An exceptional mind twisting psychological thriller.