‘Inside’ by Emir Ziyalar is not a film you haven’t seen before: a plague outside is isolating people in their houses making them face their own fears and the lack of surviving resources. 


What we would have liked to see in this short was a bit more patience in acting but apart from that the film is very well made, technically speaking.


There are some very good camera movements and inspired shots. What also potentiates the film is the director’s vision on both facts and actions taken by the character that relevate his effort to cope with his own drama: the scarce quality of food and the lack of it in the first place, the extreme measures taken to eat and stay alive, the obsessions, the loneliness and the little power to go forward. It manages to bring you on set.


The film also manages to surprise the viewer in a rather shocking way; the director shows the psychical impact on the emotional abjection. Humanity no longer grants survival: natural feelings are sacrificed to survive the hunger, loneliness and fear. Love, discernment and will become cruelty, alienation and desertion.


Psychological Sci-Fi film fans should not miss this one as it is a very good screening for a short film. If you’re asking yourself how director Emir Ziyalar did it you’ll just have to watch it. We won’t say another word.