Two rebel independent sisters, Colorado and Louise, find out at their father’s funeral that all the money have been inherited by a mysterious Apple Pie. As they decide to get their money back and go looking for Apple Pie they will find themselves on an initiatory journey in search for their lost mother.

I Will Crush You & Go To Hell is a road movie but its theme is nevertheless wider following the behavioural and spiritual ‘mutilation’ occurring as a result of one’s provenance from a broken family.


The two sisters have grown up taking care of each other but their different personalities have made their frustrations manifest differently: while one of them is keen on finding their mother and meeting her, the other one feels betrayed and would do anything to stay away from reconnecting with her origins – is it the fear of being rejecting twice, is it a way of punishing those who never wanted her in the first place? Maybe a little bit of both. As the two characters feed different opinions on what they should do, a sudden and unwelcome event on the road will trigger an emotional shift making them realise how vulnerable they actually are, yearn for a parent’s presence.

Fabio Soares and Célia Paysan’s short film is a complex story about human psychologies and the importance of family that weighs heavily in our development as adults. The lack of guidance and the excessive manifestation of ‘freedom’ lead to the intake of the wrong values which will eventually make the individual run into a ‘crisis’. ‘I Will Crush You & Go To Hell’ is wonderfully shot and convincingly acted, delivering before anything an intense and entertaining viewing experience. The confident directing is only filling in with the necessary bit of fine tuning to make this short unmissable.

For its extraordinary ability of putting vice and conscience so close to each other and cramming the human spirit in between them, Fabio Soares and Célia Paysan’s short film ‘I Will Crush You & Go To Hell’ has been rewarded with the 2nd Place for Best TMFF Film Of April 2017.