Director Oskar Rosetti and producer Adrien Lafranchi bring to screen a story both about sexuality and boredness. An old man, Nicolas, who lives in a retirement home is trying to chase away his loneliness by calling to phone sexual services for homosexuals, until a new man with an expansive character appears and brings him back to life. Things get complicated though when Nicolas thinks he is ‘reading’ a similar interest from the newcomer.


First of all this is a film about old age and the loneliness that many of the persons living in retirement homes have to cope with. Second, Nicolas’s sexual orientations bring complexity to the plot, pushing it to a message of awareness regarding the judgement of individuals with homosexual orientation.


Nicolas is a lonely person and this appears to be due to his ‘preferences’. It might be his age or just his nature but he finds it very difficult to communicate with others and also difficult to freely express himself. He is obviously afraid to be judged for what he is. But when the newcomer shows up his senses awake, feeding him with hope and making him misread signals. 


The ending of ‘I Scream your Name‘ can support various interpretations revealing various sides of Nicolas: his appetite for adventure, his fear of being judged which makes him depressive and possibly suicidal and his vengeful side.


The film is well filmed and produced and you won’t get bored. It’s actually entertaining and it flows easy, treating things quite objectively – except for the ending which is clearly pointing to a certain conclusion. What that is we’ll leave for your own appreciation.