You know that saying: ‘give me some space’? Well that’s what director Jesse Pohjonen focuses on in his short film ‘I Need My Space’. A man troubled by his cheating scoffer wife is looking to get some space for himself. The solution director Jesse Pohjonen comes with for his main character will make you burst into laughter.


His comedic approach is very well backed up by cinematography which in our opinion is very well ‘designed’, playing with light enchantingly. The bright mood the image casts despite its darkish locations is amazing and perfectly fits the protagonist’s nature.


The director’s comedic approach to the subject endows it with a powerful satire on the couple’s archetype in real life. Actors are so convincing that one would say they are impersonating their own selves while the director does an excellent job guiding the story forward to its outcome. 


Despite its suggestive title, a considerable part of the mystery regarding the man’s motivation to build a rocket is preserved up to the end of the film. The fine ending is not only meaningful but also sarcastic implying that any taken action would still provoke a reaction of the ‘grumpy’ mocker describing the latter as one impossible to get rid of. 


The Monthly Film Festival has awarded Jesse Pohjonen’s ‘I Need My Space’ with the 2nd Place for Best Film Of June 2016 for its power to remain humorous and somehow positive during its smart sarcastic overlook of an ‘unhappy marriage’.