I Am Afraid II’ is a short poetic film shot in timelapse photography by cinematographer Nobilis Bellator on lyrics recited from ‘Tengo Miedo’ (I am afraid) by Pablo Neruda.


Outstanding photographic landscapes shot in a beautiful cemetery unfold while Pablo Neruda’s poem permeates the bones: ‘I am afraid. The afternoon is grey and the sadness of the sky opens like a dead man’s mouth. My heart sheds tears as a forgotten Princess in a deserted palace.’ A strange sensation of desolation encases hearts. A sudden conscience of death takes place. Is it the old age bringing fear of the unknown? Is this time bringing doubts and the feeling of insignificancy? Do our lives mean nothing in front of Death?


Nobillis Bellator’s film urges to contemplation. The spirit shudders and takes a walk among the tombstones trying to decipher the mystery of such ‘silence’ at dawn.


‘I Am Afraid II’ is a film that changes you. Its lyricism engages your spirit and unveils the unexplored and unsuspected edges of it. It makes one wonder if they ever knew themselves before confronting Death.