Howell is attending group meetings that are supposed to help people. Though stubborn, he decides to eventually speak about his issues. He is not an alcoholic, a junky or a sex addict… then what is he?


The answer is there in Leon David Williams’ film. The main character is going to surprise you with his stubbornness to either accept his own problems, or the refusal to openly speak about them. He denies them but they don’t seem to be the real issue. The real issue seems to be that he is happy with his true nature – due to which he is attending the group meetings in the first place, paradoxically. So instead of being there to accept the help he in fact discovers he doesn’t want any.


Howell’ is equally funny as it is satiric. Pretending to be willing to change his nature to something acceptable but never stopping to what he really is, Howell is only looking forward to the next chance he will have to let his instincts manifest freely.


Good intentions will always seek to educate raw spirits but raw spirits aren’t really looking forward to be educated, are they? They are just looking for those bits that fit their rawness. So trying to feed Howell beer to quench his instincts is just funny. A leopard never changes its spots. Only that Howell is not a leopard, he is a… ?