Hindsight is a story of love and betrayal coming from writer Meganne Krocker and director Michael Davis. While Joey is lying down in a bath of blood, things start moving backwards raising the gun from the floor and putting it in Emily’s hands. What happened? This is a film originally structuring the story by rewinding the events and building the twists and the suspense they bring along in reverse. This choice of telling the story has a special talent of raising question to the viewer’s mind and triggering reflection forcing the public to try and exchange places with the characters whose dramas they witness. The two filmmakers dismiss the classical approach of narrating the drama by trying to focus not on what’s left after things have been consumed but on what might have come of it all if they were avoided in the first place. It is impossible not to sympathise with Emily and think: ‘what if she could really take it all back?’. It is inevitable not to think about what things would have looked like if Joey made a different choice and it is eventually haunting to see where it all started.


All characters in ‘Hindsight’ are in a way given a second chance to have their lives relived and the choice is left at hand for the viewer. Their short ‘existence’ is dominated by desire, instincts and primal impulses. It is in fact a good analysis of human reaction and behaviour under psychological and emotional pressure. 


The film is a story about the inner pain that comes with the losing of the beloved one, a feeling most of us have either experienced or are able to relate to. Thus the theme chosen by the director makes it easy for the audience to empathise with the main characters. 

‘Hindsight’ makes one cerebrate over their own attitudes, even if of a lower degree than those in the film, and consider the repercussions brought upon themselves by their own actions taken at first impulse. It is only desirable that a cinematic experience was able to determine its audience to behave anticipatively and wise them up. Of course, the film has its own sensitising stake – which we’re not going to spoil – justifying the tragic course taken by events. After learning about the characters’ history, witnessing their deeds and experiencing their emotions: desire, lust, the need to escape, betrayal, rage and revenge and nevertheless regret, what would you make out of the story? Would you change anything? Would you give the characters a second chance and if yes, to whom and how? Watch it yourself and unleash your imagination.