Unpretentious, produced with minimal resources and probably with a minimal team, ‘Heroes’ will deceive anyone at a first glance, where it will be very hard to guess where it’s going. Then, it will almost become absurd and seem like it makes no sense but the deeper this film will get the more surprised the viewer will be.


A young man, not very fond of work is rather constantly dreaming about heroes in Comics, making his colleague go insane for doing all the job alone. Nothing spectacular so far, right? Well, until the phone rings and the young man has to present himself in the boss’ office, where he gets scoled for his inefficiency and furthermore he is being made an injustice by his boss who makes him bring his lunch and pay for it from his own pocket.


There’s a little tension in there now, but things get really crazy – and believe me they are crazy – when the young man meets one of the heroes in the Comics at the elevator on his way to grab boss’ lunch.


Despite its technical lacks, ‘Heroes’ is a funny film and as surprisingly as it may seem – contrary to its appearance – it really has meanings, unlike many better made films we’ve seen.


Surprised? You should watch it to understand what ‘surprised’ means. We actually very much enjoyed its surprising side and humour.