Harvey’s Dream’ is a short film coming from the United States and directed by Jainardhan Sathyan. The film tells the story of Harvey and Janet, a couple which apparently lived an empty life aside for the children they had together.


On one regular Saturday morning, Harvey is up earlier than usual and tells Janet about an unusual bad dream he has had about receiving a phone call which announces that their youngest daughter has been killed in an accident by their neighbour. Jainardham Sathyan’s film is in fact showing us a Harvey suffering of early stage Alzheimer that is mixing reality and memories with dreams. Carefully filmed, ‘Harvey’s Dream’ starts out dry only to slowly build up a higher and higher tension until the heart swiftly beats uncontrolled blood through the viewer’s veins.


The acting is outstanding contributing to the overall suspense of the short. ‘Harvey’s Dream’ manages something very precious for a film of its kind: it manages to make the viewer empathic. The two characters, usually cold with each other, witness a story that reconnects them tragically.


Jainardhan Sathyan’s film is one of deep impact that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. TMFF has awarded ‘Harvey’s Dream’ with the 2nd Best Film of April award for the director’s powerful vision on the subject and the beautiful acting it delights its public with.