On the edge of suicide Harry experiences flashbacks of his recent life. His life is dependant of medication in order to suppress his manic-depressive character. Charles Grammare’s short film ‘Harry’ offers an intense viewing experience with twists and turns that oftenly shock. 


Harry’s needs control over his existence at every second. He is dependant on his mother’s care – who is far from being a possessive mother – needs to supervise him closely. There is a sad truth revealed by the mother’s character, and reflected by the fine impersonation of the actress interpreting her: the yearning for a normal son with a normal life. She is happy he has found a girlfriend, she tries to encourage his social skills by booking dinner for him and his girlfriend at a nice restaurant for his birthday and she watches over him taking his pills regularly to maintain psychical balance.


A watershed in the development of ‘Harry’ is Harry receiving the present from his mother on his birthday: a grey hooded track jacket he wanted so bad. The jacket is very symbolic in our opinion and marks Harry’s profound transformation. After skipping his pill once he loses control over his personality and immediately after, over his actions. Following an altercation he causes on the street his rage gains momentum and he starts showing signs of depression. Walking on streets lonely and lost, wearing his jacket and hiding his face under the hood, Harry no longer looks like Harry, but like the manic-depressive personality hiding under the surface that has finally found the right moment to come out.


Charles Grammare’s film makes one think about the thin line between balance and loss of control in life. One second of negligence can lead to decline. It is so hard to build and preserve anything in life and so easy to ruin it.


Harry’ is well shot, acting is engaging and in combination with its shocking ending the film rewards the audience with a high entertaining factor. Its intense psychological dimension is not to be neglected generating the most important layer of meanings and awareness. This short film is definitely a cinematic experience that one should not miss.