Hani is trying to run a successful barber’s business. But she has a very preferential way of choosing her clients.


Tomer Werechson’s story is hilarious. Hani, who is now 35, obviously feels she is running out of time – she is single and searching. Her aims are to reach the highest peaks of success, but her methods of selecting clients are obviously meant to help her achieve something different: a love relationship. Her ways of presenting the recipe of a barber’s shop success in front of the camera are in high contrast with her actual actions which portray a rather emotional personality than a business oriented one.


Tomer Werechson’s characters in ‘Hani’s Barber Shop’ are the simple humane archetypes in the everyday life. The director follows their adventure as some of them try to ‘overcome’ their condition (Hani the protagonist), manifest their natural one (Hani’s neighbour we guess) or simply try to have a new hair cut and ‘land’ in between two opposite perspectives over the same issue: each focused on harnessing their own interest – the neighbour in coupling her daughter while Hani in coupling herself.

Hani’s Barber Shop’ stirs laughters with its raw and almost shamefully honest personages: very humane in their flaws and yearnings, very simple in their aims and very straightforward in their managing of the circumstances. As a concept for a web series, there is little this pilot misses to point out in regards to the human weaknesses that colour life by generating silly situations. Human condition has rarely been so well hunted in its humorous ordinary mundane.

The director appears to be a hearty connoisseur of human psychologies and a fine critic of characters. Hani is the reflection of the clash between chasing a career and the temptation of personal accomplishment. Her ‘green’ temper dilutes her ability to discern between the two making her corrupt the professional dimension for the better of her private one. 


Will she succeed professionally or personally? We don’t know. But we surely expect to experience an amusing journey.