People are often unhappy with their social statute, with their jobs, with their lives. They don’t realise how grateful they should be… and neither will you until you see Ty Wilson’s ‘Handicapable’. Yes you heard right, not ‘handicapped’ but ‘Handicapable’: a short documentary about will, about hope, about people that miss a limb or two but have never given up. 


Ty Wilson’s story is one about extraordinary disadvantaged people that have not grown a frustration out of their handicap, and haven’t resigned to it. It is a story about people who have learnt to adapt to the circumstances, who have trained themselves to develop abilities as any normal human being and most of all, people that are grateful for what they have.


Handicapable’ is a wonderful lesson about the human power and people’s limitless abilities. One can achieve unimagined things when they have the will to fight for them and the power to believe they can.


Highly inspiring and motivational, Ty Wilson’s documentary keeps you glued to the screen, as well as amazed about the abilities of the handicapped people he interviewed. Some of their abilities exceed those of many ordinary people who never challenge themselves and forget on a daily basis how great they can be. We truly liked this short doc that leaves you with a positive taste and an appetite for will.