Not that often do we get such complex projects in this festival, projects that involve an impressive score, powerful monologues and guerilla style shots, going beyond the experimental filter into a rather surrealist field that is always a pleasure to watch and discuss about. ‘Greed’ is one of those films that are challenging the imagination of the viewer, reaching through the screen and playing with the senses in a distinctive way, a movie that makes sense even if you close your eyes and listen to the soundtrack, being amazingly expressive on any level.

‘Greed’ has an important aspect that really got to us – the monologue. Even though sometimes it seems simplistic or mundane, in many ways, the monologue parts are poetical, being easy to find many influences from postmodern poets in them. As the director states, ‘Greed’ is a rock opera set in small Welsh village. One important book of the 20th century is Edgar Lee Master’s ‘Spoon River anthology’, where the author writes about the people in the village of Spoon River, making it one of the most unique poetry books that was ever written. Working only with locals and amateur actors, Nigel Evans took the masters’ recipe and turned it into a movie. The way of building the story is quite similar, making this feature film a one of a kind watch!


The score of ‘Greed’ is GOOD (and we know why we used capital letters here!). Many of the viewers may not be familiar with rock operas, but watching this feature may be a good way of having a first encounter with such great and hard work. When the electric guitar starts, the whole pulse of the movie explodes!

The movie was filmed in a small village in Wales, a village of nearly eight thousand people. The actors are in fact the inhabitants of that village, who are not professional actors. However, the way they play their roles here is remarkable! The first character of this movie you will see is Rotkin, a wealthy man and a psycho at the same time. The long shots with his face are emphasizing this idea, creating the image of a new villain in the viewer’s mind, a villain that seems so very private at first, making him way more dangerous.


Being a combination of satire, rock opera, and a little bit of experimental, ‘Greed’ is the ultimate avant-garde movie of the past few years. A free spirited and edgy production that will definitely make you think twice about how life works!